State Power Scenario
Thermal (coal Based ) 4418MW
Hydro ( Above 25 MW) 120 MW
Small Hydro (up to 25 MW) 20 MW
Bio Mass 249 MW
Waste Heat Recovery 590 MW
Solar PV 4 MW
Other (co-gen) 6 MW
Total Installed Capacity 5407 MW

State Initiatives

  • State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERC) has mandated Renewable Purchase Obligations to promote RE.

  • Obligated entities require to procure RE Power up to 20% (by 2020) of their power consumption.

  • RE Power generation is declared as priority sector under state industrial policy.

  • Announced attractive state policy for promotion of Solar, Wind, Hydro & Biomass power project. New Solar Policy to be announced soon.