Census 2011:

Population Category Wise Population Category Wise
Decadal Population Growth,Population Density,Sex Ratio (2001) Population Growth,Population Density,Sex Ratio (2001)
Village and District Population(2001) Village and District Population(2001)
Category Wise Population Percentage(2001) Population Percentage(2001)
Handicapped Population Handicapped Population
Registered Industries and Employed Labour Registered Industries and Employed Labour
Industries and Investment Industries and Investment
Mineral Production Mineral Production
Students(Government and Non-Government Institutes) Students
Literal Population Literal Population
Literal Population(%) Literal Population(%)
Faculty in Educational Institutes Faculty in Educational Institutes
Shishu Janm Mrityu Dar Shishu Janm Mrityu Dar
Registered Vhecles Registered Vhecles
Medical Employees Medical Employees